Breaking News: 02/01/2012

Snow storm


The Centenary Race to the South Pole has been postponed and is now scheduled to start within the next 48 hours.

2 January 2012, 16h41 local time


According to Extreme World Races, the organizers of this historic event, it is impossible to confirm a definite starting time due to the changing weather conditions in Antarctica at present.


After their training and acclimatization phase the competitors were divided into two groups that were to be flown in special adapted airplanes to the starting point, approximately 700 kilometers from their current position on  the Antarctic plateau.


This morning the first flight arrived at Race Start and everyone is holding thumbs that the second flight takes place tomorrow.


The Urban Brew Studios team in Johannesburg will inform you of confirmed starting times.


Greetings from Antarctica,

The Cold Sweat Film Crew