Team Norway Framdrift wins!!!

The winners - Norwegian Team Framdrift

Norwegians Win The Scott-Amundsen Centenary Race to the South Pole!


Just as they did a hundred years ago, the Norwegians have shown their dominance in polar racing as Norwegian Team FRAMdrift have won the Scott-Amundsen Centenary Race to the South Pole organised by Extreme World Races.


Norwegians Erland Gray, 28, Harvard Svidal, 35, and Mathias Seim, 23, were able to maintain a consistently impressive pace towards the finish line holding a commanding lead throughout the race and have completed the race comfortably ahead of the other teams competing. In what is the Centenary year of Captain Scott’s epic journey to reach the South Pole, Team Framdrift have successfully covered the grueling race across Antarctica, beating the remaining four teams including the Welsh Team / Mercury, Team British Green / Centrepoint (team patron HRH Prince William) and Team South Africa.


Tony Martin, CEO of Extreme World Races, says their victory is well deserved: ‘Taking immense mental and physical strength to maintain a steady pace towards the finish line and complete the race comfortably ahead of our remaining teams, what Team FRAMdrift have achieved should not be underestimated – this is not called the ‘toughest race in the world for nothing!’


The Norwegians finished the race in 16 days. It’s a new Extreme World Races record, smashing the previous South Pole Race 2008/9 time by 1 day, 23 hours and 27 minutes. At the end of the leaderboard, Andrew Carnie, from Team British Green has fractured his arm.  It’s been his life long dream to reach the South Pole and with this injury it might not happen. 


The MyPlanet Ambassador Braam Malherbe and his teammate, Peter van Kets from Team SA has offered to assist British Green and will distribute the contents of Andrew’s pulk between them and British Green.   The 70 to 80 kilogram pulks will now be approximately 9 kg heavier, which will make the race even tougher.  


Team SA and Team British Green should finish during the next 9 days. It’s clear that competitiveness has disappeared into thin ice and the race will continue in the spirit of sportsmanship, friendship and camaraderie.




Compiled by Tony Martin, CEO of Extreme World Races and Ann Toerien from Urban Brew Studios.