Press Release - 16/01/2012

Team SA arrives at checkpoint

Press Release 16 January 2012


Team SA, Braam Malherbe and Peter van Kets arrived at the halfway checkpoint at 17:37 (GMT) on Sunday 15 January 2012.    They are currently lying in 4th position.


Team British Blue was evacuated last week because of a medical emergency and since then Team Tri-National, James Raaff, Frank Runge and Gavin Moran as well as Yoyo Menten-Schepers and Matt Elliot of the Anglo-Dutch Team have also fallen out of the race.  Both teams had to be picked up in Arctic Trucks and taken to Checkpoint 1, they will continue the remaining 360 kilometres to the South Pole but obviously will not be able to take part in the Scott-Amundsen Centenary Race to the South Pole.


The race observers in Antarctica are very impressed by Team SA. They all agree that Braam and Peter have done extremely well so far especially since they are not use to these extreme cold conditions.


Peter and Braam arrived at Checkpoint 1 in high spirits. They were very relieved to get there and look forward to the mandatory 24-hour rest and recovery period. Peter has very sore, sunburned lips and is struggling to consume food. Both have a skin rash because of the sweating underneath their layers of warm clothes. They are using “Pete’s Bum Balm”, especially made for him by Casa Castile on all their sore bits and it seems to be helping.


Braam Malherbe, a Woolworths MyPlanet Ambassador is extremely happy that they came this far even though he and Peter both struggled with chest infections earlier during the race. “We are walking for the earth and we will walk to the end so that people become aware of what the impact of climate change is on Antarctica”, he said.


Team SA will continue the remaining 330 kilometres to the Geographical South Pole on Tuesday morning, 17 January 2012.    The terrain is expected to become tougher and more severe weather conditions are forecast.    Team SA hopes to get to the South Pole during the next 10 to 13 days.